Trends in Semantic Technologies with Marko Grobelnik

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Date: Monday, December 15, 2008 - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM EST

ID: 9291175

Location: Morgan Stanley, 1633 Broadway, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10019

Yes it's a Monday and it's December 15 and we invite you to join the New York Semantic Web Meetup for a last time this year before we take a break for the holidays. In this session You will learn about trends in Semantic Technologies. Marko will introduce you to the state of the art in Semantic Technologies and how he sees the immediate future for the introduction of Semantic Technologies in business and R&D.

This is a joint session with the New York Business Intelligence Meetup (


Marco Neumann, KONA
Yuriy Krylov

Raghavachari K. Madhavan
Managing Director and CTO of Investment Banking Applications at Morgan Stanley

Intelligence for the Next-Generation Information Worker. What should Information Workers expect from technology in the near future? What is BI for the next generation? Why are Semantics the next major step?

Marko Grobelnik
Department for Intelligent Systems
Jozef Stefan Institute

Marko Grobelnik is an expert in the analysis of large amounts of complex data with the purpose to extract useful knowledge. In particular, his areas of expertise comprise: Data Mining, Text Mining, Information Extraction, Link Analysis, and Data Visualization as well as more integrative areas such as the Semantic Web, Knowledge Management and Artificial Intelligence. Apart from research on theoretical aspects of unconventional data analysis techniques, he has valuable experience in the field of practical applications and development of business solutions based on innovative technologies. Marko works with industry leaders such as Microsoft Research, The New York Times, British Telecom amongst others. He has published papers regularly in refereed conferences and journals.

Blaz Fortuna
Department of Knowledge Technologies
Jozef Stefan Institute

Blaz Fortuna is a researcher and PhD student at the Department of Knowledge Technologies at the Jozef Stefan Institute

Venue 1633 is a large office building. Security is tight. You must be on the RSVP list to gain admittance to the 26th Floor. Please call my cell phone if you have trouble gaining entrance: 646.206.9827 . Take the middle elevator bank to the 26th floor. The event takes place in a large Conference Room. It is located directly behind the back door which stands opposite to the main, glass doors onto the floor with the security desk. If you enter through the front door you will have to walk all the way around. A sign will be posted on the back door to help you identify the location of the conference room.