The Ontological Semantic Perspective on the Semantic Web

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Chapter: New York City

Date: Aug 24, 2007 · 6:30 PM

Location: Gallery Systems, 261 W. 35th Street - 12th Floor New York, NY 10001-1902 New York City

Event ID: 5950196


The Ontological Semantic Perspective on the Semantic Web

Victor Raskin, Purdue University &,

Christian F. Hempelmann,,

The Semantic Web is a good and obvious idea. Its successful implementation, however, depends on two major components, the adequacy of the formalism used to represent the content and the methods of rendering texts into that formalism. The paper will focus on the general and current issues with both components. It will underscore Bar Hillel's early criticism of mathematical logicians for favoring the manipulation of the logical format to define rules of inference and similar issues over the adequacy of the format. It will also claim that the Semantic Web's (and now, apparently, Google's) idea of relying on manual tagging of web pages with OWL or something like it by individual website owners is a Mao-like dream and a fatal error.

What is Ontological Semantics?