Text Analytics World NYC 2011

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Text Analytics World NYC covers hot topics and advanced methods such as churn risk detection, customer service and call centers, decision support, document discovery, document filtering, financial indicators from social media, fraud detection, government applications, insurance applications, knowledge discovery, open question-answering, parallelized text analysis, risk profiling, sentiment analysis, social media applications, survey analysis, topic discovery, and voice of the customer and other innovative applications that benefit organisations in new and creative ways.


Add your name below for the chance to win a full ticket admission to Text Analytics World NYC 2011

Winner will be drawn from list below on Thursday October 6th, 2011 at 12pm EST

  • 1 Autumn Garcia
  • 2 Terence Fitzgerald
  • 3 Juan Rodriguez
  • 4 Beenish Chaudry
  • 5 Jay Solka
  • 6 Bouriana Zakharieva


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6 Bouriana Zakharieva