Semantic Annotation in Content Management Systems

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Date: Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM GMT+2

Location: CPS-IT GmbH, Gustav-Meyer-Allee 25 / Gebäude 13/5 13355 Berlin

ID: 240294657


Speaker: Nils Waldowski, Sebastian Kreideweiß und Prof. Vera Meister

Organizational CMS play a central role both in the internal and external communication of organizations. Although they address primarily human users, there is a number of use cases that even if not require the machine readability of the content, but will benefit greatly from this ability:

  1. targeted retrieval of content,
  2. cross-system use and reuse of content data ,
  3. disambiguation of content.

From this motivation the semantic annotation in CMS has been taken up for several years in various research and development projects. Examples include the Drupal RDF CCK (content construction kit), the IKS framework for the development of semantic CMS applications based on Apache Stanbol, as well as newer TYPO3 extensions for enriching content data in the process of editing ( property for RTE) or the injection of semantic script parts in the source code of web pages ( injector).

In the MeetUp, representatives from the TYPO3 full-service agency CPS IT and the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (Research Group Business Modeling and Knowledge Engineering) present their latest research, development and implementation approaches. The topics for this event range from concepts for front-end-related annotation of content elements with the goal of search engine optimization to template-based, standard-compliant publication and further processing of structured data for a designated domain.



Nils Waldowski: Semantische Annotation

Prof. Vera Meister, Sebastian Kreideweiß: EduGraph + CMS Extension Studyfinder@JSON-LD

Session-Level: Beginner
Session-Type: Technology-Application-Use Case