RDF2Go, Xydra, Calpano - A brief introduction with Max Völkel

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Date: Feb 28, 2012

Chapter: Berlin

Location: Computer Science Department Freie University Berlin

Event ID: 40788812

URL: https://www.meetup.com/The-Berlin-Semantic-Web-Meetup-Group/events/40788812/

Details The will be an informal session to discuss adoption and state of the art Semantic Web technologies.

Room 005

Introduction - Marco Neumann

Short Presentations

RDF2Go, Xydra, Calpano - a brief introduction - Max Völkel

Dr Max Völkel will give a brief overview on the long history and future of RDF2Go and RDFReactor.Then Max also will briefly introduce the Xydra.org framework which is the version 4 of semantic data models I created in my career.And finally Max will introduce his current company Calpano.com which makes task delegation simple and successful.I also explain how they use Xydra and why we don't use RDF2Go here (yet).


Community Discussion