Ontologies on the Semantic Web - Catherine Legg

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Reading group paper: 3/7/2010

Author: Catherine Legg

Issue Date: 2007

Link URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10289/2872

Citation: Legg, C. (2007). Ontologies on the semantic web. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 41, 407-451.

Additional Links: http://books.infotoday.com/asist/arist41.shtml

Location: webcast (skype)

Attendees: 10

Abstract: As an informational technology, the World Wide Web has enjoyed spectacular success. In just ten years it has transformed the way information is produced, stored, and shared in arenas as diverse as shopping, family photo albums, and high-level academic research. The “Semantic Web” was touted by its developers as equally revolutionary but has not yet achieved anything like the Web’s exponential uptake. This 17 000 word survey article explores why this might be so, from a perspective that bridges both philosophy and IT.

Keywords: World Wide Web, Semantic Web, ontology, W3C, XML, RDF, OWL, interoperability, description logic, tags

Type: Journal Article

Publisher's Statement: This is the published version of an article published in the journal: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. © American Society for Information Science and Technology. Used with permission.

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Ontologies on the Semantic Web


  • The World Wide Web
  • Hypertext Markup Language
  • Universal Resource Identifiers
  • Hyperlinks

The Semantic Web

  • Semantic Web Goals
  • Challenges
    • Inferential tractability
    • logical consistency
    • rapid changability
    • political
  • Semantic Web Technologies
    • Extensible Markup Language
    • XML Schemas
    • Resource Description Framework

Introduction to Formal Ontology

  • History of Ontology
  • Formal Ontology in Information Technology
  • The Logical Expressivity of Ontology Languages

Thesaurus Ontologies

  • Dublin Core Metadata Element Set
  • WordNet

Ontologies with Largely DL Expressivity

  • Topics Maps
  • RDF Schema
  • SHOE

Ontologies with First-Order Logic Expressivity (or Higher)

  • Cyc
  • SUMO
  • SUO

Domain Ontologies

Ontology Libraries and Related Resources


  • The Challenges Revisited
  • Possible Alternatives to the Semantic Web