New York Semantic Web Meetup Panel Discussion LinkedData Planet 2008

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Date: Tuesday, June 17, 2008 - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM EDT

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"The Semantic Web Is Open For Business. Are You Ready?"

The New York Semantic Web Meetup organizes a panel discussion in collaboration with the LinkedData Planet Conference on June 17, 2008. This session takes places right after Sir Tim Berners-Lee's keynote and has the format of an informal panel discussion.

During the session the panel will take questions from the audience. What is the Semantic Web? A growing number of online services already support Semantic Web technologies to improve interoperability and publish data on the web. The Semantic Web is an effort lead by the W3C to introduce the ability to encode meaning of web content in the form of metadata. In the current web content is created with the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) to describe the layout and linking of content. In the Semantic Web content is typed based on meaning full annotations expressed as fully qualified URIs. This will allow structured searches across distributed web resources in the web of data: The Data Web. The evolution of the current Web of "linked documents" to a Web of "linked data" is steadily gaining mindshare among developers, architects, systems integrators, users, and more than 200 software companies developing semantic web- oriented solutions. The LinkedData Planet conference provides industry professionals with insights into the technologies that will enable them to:

  • connect data contained in silos within organizations in a meaningful way
  • extract and correlate data from web sites and databases for purposes

such as analyzing trends and decision support, customer and vendor relationship management, and social networking

Panel Team

Panel Organizer:

Marco Neumann, New York Semantic Web Meetup


Hank Williams, Founder and CEO, Kloudshare and Eric Hoffer, Second Integral


Sergey Chernyshev, CTO, Semantic Communities LLC Dan Connolly, Research Scientist, W3 (tentative)

Christine Connors, Global Director, Semantic Technology Solutions, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

Taylor Cowan, Emerging Solutions Principal, Sabre Holdings, Travelocity

Richard Cyganiak, Reseacher, DERI and Project Leader D2RQ

Nic Fulton PhD, Chief Scientist, Reuters Media Marc Hadfield, President and CTO, Alitora

Savas Parastastidis PhD, Architect, Technical Computing, Microsoft Research

LinkedData Planet New York Semantic Web Meetup Panel 6.30-8.30pm June 17, 2008 The Roosevelt Hotel, NYC http://www.linkeddata...

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Tim Berners-Lee and Marco Neumann at the Linked Data Planet Panel 2008.