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Gregg Kellogg is a consultant working at the intersection of the Semantic Web and Media. He is a former architect and chair of the Connected Media Experience, W3C Invited Expert for RDF Web Applications (RDFa & Microdata) and co-editor of the JSON-LD specification. Gregg has contributed to many Semantic Web projects, being a co-author and chief maintainer of RDF.rb, and implementer RDF/XML, Notation3, RDFa, Microdata, JSON-LD, Turtle and SPARQL Ruby gems.

Gregg lives in beautiful Marin County, California with his artistic wife and two dogs where he spends whatever time remains from working on RDF projects teaching Scuba diving and photographing interesting marine life.

In January 2021 Gregg joined the leadership team of Lotico San Francisco Bay Area Semantic Web community group.