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Date: Thursday, February 26, 2009 - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM EST

Location: NYC Seminar & Conference Center - 71 West 23rd Street Room 515 · New York, NY

ID: 9630332

URL: https://www.meetup.com/semweb-25/events/9630332/

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78gaEsjjDhM

Benjamin Melancon
Agaric Design

Stephane Corlosquet
Drupal SIOC module, DERI

One of the key requirements for the Semantic Web to take off is the ability to express local content and its associated data model with existing well-known ontologies such as DC, FOAF, SIOC etc. RDF data with a local RDF schema that doesn't have any references to other schema is not very useful. We will present the latest developments in terms of RDF support in Drupal and in particular the modules RDF vocabulary importer [1] and RDF CCK [2] which when combined allow to map local content models to external vocabularies and export a mapped local schema and RDF data. Existing sites using the CCK module can simply install these modules and get a default local RDF schema for free. They can also map their local CCK fields to external RDF terms from any ontology available online. If time permits, we will also talk about Neologism which allows to create and publish custom vocabularies inline with the RDF vocabulary best practices.

[1] evoc module

[2] RDF CCK module

Bio: Stephane "scor" Corlosquet, http://drupal.org/user/52142 Scor has been contributing to Drupal for more than 2 years in various ways:

  • core patches
  • maintainer of some contributed modules (SIOC, tasklist, RDFCCK, evoc, Neologism)
  • member of the Drupal security team

+ local and national Irish Drupal user group (co-organizer, presenter)

Scor's main interest is to bring Semantic Web technologies into Drupal, He is working towards a masters at DERI Galway, Ireland.

This has lead scor to work on the following projects:

scor will be attending DrupalCon DC and is hoping to advocate the RDF cause, foster some interest in this area and make some progress in enabling semantic web in Drupal.

Session-Type: Technical-Applied-Coding
Session-Level: Intermediate-Advanced