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The task for the Lotico Board of Directors is to manage and help to formulate communication and take action on behalf of all members in the Lotico community. A member of the Lotico Board Directors is a lead organizer and a member of a local community by definition. He or She is charged to represent the opinion of the respective local community. A local community can have more than one lead organizer in which case a board representative has to be elected by the local community organizers. Though every member of a local community can voice his or her thoughts to the Board of Directors without discrimination. The Lotico Board of Directors is an international group. I will act as chairman of the board. The role of the chairman of the board is develop and support the Lotico Board of Directors and establish a working framework for the board to operate efficiently and prosperously. All members of the board a equal and that includes the chairman of the board.


Brian EubanksMarco Neumann
(Chairman of the Board)
Barbara Starr

Advisory Board Members

Christine Connors