The Working Ontologist Dean Allemang and MarkLogic's Stephen Buxton

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A special event with Dean Allemang & Stephen Buxton

Date: Oct 3, 2013 · 6:30 PM

Chapter: New York City

Location: New York City Seminar and Conference Center

Event ID: 125214542



  • Marco Neumann (KONA)

Short Presentation


Dean Allemang is one of the world's leading web ontologists and CEO / Principal Consultant at Working Ontologist, LLC, where he helps companies deploy Semantic Web solutions. Services include training, keynote talks, solution planning, technology selection, data conversion, ontology architecture and modeling. Dr. Allemang explores more about the Semantic Web on his blog.

Semantics is the future of Search. And Search is the future of Semantics with Stephen Buxton



The BBC introduced the notion of Dynamic Semantic Publishing with its Sports web site platform - an award-winning platform that served rich, dynamic, personalized web pages during the World Cup 2010, and then broke records with its reporting of the 2012 Olympics. At the heart of this platform are two databases - one for managing documents and statistics (MarkLogic), the other for managing facts and relationships. What if those two databases were one? What new applications - impossible or impractical today - could you build? MarkLogic is well known as a document-based NoSQL database, with an integrated search engine for very fast Big Data-scale search and facets. In this talk we'll look at what happens when you add Semantic Technologies - RDF and SPARQL - to MarkLogic. We'll explore some interesting combinations of traditional and semantic search, and we’ll talk about the rich applications that you can build when you have access to documents, values, and facts (triples) in a single seamless platform.

Stephen Buxton is Director of Product Management for Search and Semantics at MarkLogic, where he’s part of the team that builds the world’s only enterprise-grade NoSQL database . Stephen is co-author (with Jim Melton) of the authoritative book "Querying XML", and a contributor to "Database Design", a book in Morgan Kaufman's "Know It All" series. Before joining MarkLogic, Stephen was Director of Product Management for Text and XML at Oracle Corporation.

Enterprise Semantics at the BBC and beyond with John O'Donovan

John O'Donovan - CTO Financial Times


We would like to thank MarkLogic for sponsoring Food and Drinks for this event as well.

For lotico members who would like to help with the organization of this event registration is free.