Representing and Reasoning about Time and Semantic Social Networks

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Date: Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Location: Santa Monica Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd · Santa Monica, CA

Chapter: Los Angeles Semantic Web Meetup

ID: 11984978


Attendees: 14

1. Representing and Reasoning about Time on the Semantic Web

Jerry R. Hobbs, University of Southern California / Information Sciences Institute ( ISI )

Temporal concepts for describing the temporal content of Web pages and the temporal properties of Web services are an important topic on the Semantic Web. In this presentation we will learn about expressing facts about topological relations among instants and intervals, together with information about durations, and about datetime information and more. Jerry is editor of the Time Ontology in OWL W3C Working Draft and contributor to the W3C candidate recommendation.

2. Semantic Social Networks and the Meetup Alliance

Marco Neumann, KONA

Marco will lead a discussion about Semantic Social Networks and emerging trends on the web.

PARKING INFO: The library has metered parking - and a parking lot which I've not been able to find the entry. The map says enter from the north on 7th street.

I find it best option is to use the city public parking structures.

This realtime map shows where they are. The closest is parking structure 5 on 4th Street.