New ideas for coding with Arrays, Lists and Sequences in RDF

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New ideas to deal with large series of data points in RDF in the form of arrays, lists and similar data structures.

currently RDF data model proposed rdf:Bag and rdf:Seq in the form of

resource1 a rdf:Bag;
 rdf:_1 "1323";
 rdf:_1 "1323";

we propose here the following additional notation for large sequences:

Numbers sorted array:

resource1 lotico:ArLiSeq_SA "1:31;2:32;3:29;4:28;...."

Numbers array:

resource1 lotico:ArLiSeq_A "31;32;29;28;...."

Strings Sorted:

resource1 lotico:ArLiSeq_SS "1:'Mike';2:'Peter';3:'Tim;4:'Marco';...."

Strings unsorted:

resource1 lotico:ArLiSeq_SU "'Mike';'Peter';'Tim;'Marco;...."

JSON object

resource1 lotico:ArLiSeq_JSON "%7B%20%22name%22%3A%22Marco%22%2C%20%22age%22%3A30%2C%20%22car%22%3Anull%20%7D";