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Welcome to lotico - an open, distributed community, a Semantic Social Network that brings LOcation, TIme, COmmunity and ideas together for You and more than 70,000 members worldwide.

featured event:

The Many Shapes of SHACL
with Holger Knublauch
June 2020

Current Members

lotico.com is your gateway to an open community that shares a common interest in Data and the Semantic Web vision, a common framework for data to be shared and reused across applications, platforms and community boundaries. If you live, work or visit a location with an active community and you are interested to join you are welcome to participate. lotico develops and promotes standards, and cooperates closely with standard groups in particular with regards to Semantic Web technologies.


Eclipse RDF4J - Working with RDF in Java

an event with Jeen Broekstra May 2020

Jena-based Components for Building Semantic Web Applications

a session with Claus Stadler April 2020

The Story of Libraries and the Semantic Web

Wikidata A Wikimedia Project

Linked Data With Ruby and RDF.rb

Semantics and Cultural Heritage meet-up at The British Museum

The Working Ontologist Dean Allemang and MarkLogic's Stephen Buxton

An Introduction to Linked Data by Sandro Hawke

SmartMobs with special guest Howard Rheingold

This year our global Semantic Web event took place in San Francisco.

Jena, SPARQL and TDB - RDF at scale, a conversation with Andy Seaborne

A conversation with Andy Seaborne recorded live at the Lotico Semantic Web event in San Francisco

Linked Data in Watson: Using Linked Data as Evidence for Natural Language Processing

The global Lotico event in Boston on November 16 with Chris Welty, kindly hosted by the Semantic Web Summit 2010.

Getting started with SPARQL by Bob DuCharme

Learn SPARQL and surf the Semantic Web.

RuleML - Where Web Rule Research Meets Industry

RuleML is an open international network of individuals and groups from both industry and academia, with shared interests in rules, and rules on the Semantic Web.

Semantic Web for Java Developers - Steve Hamby

Confessions of a Semantic Web evangelist

Semantic Web Voices Film: Web 3.0

Kate Ray has produced a short story about the Semantic Web

A Selection Of Local Groups

Central Florida
Central Maryland
San Diego

Los Angeles
New York

San Francisco





community spotlight:
Berlin Semantic Web Meetup

Past Events

List of Lotico Events


Jena-based Components for Building Semantic Web Applications

Wikidata A Wikimedia Project

Semantic Annotation in Content Management Systems

SHACL - Shaping the Big Ball of Data Mud: W3C's Shapes Constraint Language

Applying Ontologies to Linked Data - Ontotext at John Wiley & Sons

Techniques used in RDF Data Publishing at Nature Publishing Group

NLP, Text Analytics, and Semantic Technologies

Wikidata & rNews - Structuring the world's data

Data Stories - Modelling Historical Events & Design Digital Narratives with Data

Graphs with SQL & IBM DB2 - RDF Graph Store

Semantic Technologies in Financial Services

SemWeb Tool dotNetRDF

Semantic Web technologies at BBN

Stardog, Needle & Virtuoso

SHARD - A distributed triple-store built on top of Hadoop

Emergent Analytics

Data Gov

Meetup Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Neo4j - The Benefits of Graph Databases

PLoS - The Public Library of Science and Publishing on the Semantic Web

What's in a Link

RIF - Rules Interchange Format with Chris Welty

W3C Corner