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Date: September 24, 2020 - 6pm Berlin, 5pm Dublin and 12pm New York and 9am San Francisco Time

Location: Web (zoom)

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at this Lotico event Gregg will give us an overview of JSON-LD with a focus on changes introduced in version 1.1 recently released as a W3C Recommendation. Prior experience with JSON-LD is recommended, but not required. JSON-LD has emerged as the most widely used RDF serialization format, largely due to its adoption in the Search Engine Optimization community, but is also suitable for developers with no knowledge of Linked Data principles.

For more information, see json-ld.org, where a copy of this presentation will be available along with numerous other resources on JSON-LD. ellogg

Gregg Kellogg

Gregg Kellogg has been working on Linked Data for over ten years and has contributed to numerous RDF standards efforts, including JSON-LD, RDFa, Microdata, and CSV on the Web. Previously, Gregg has worked in areas as diverse as UNIX Operating System kernels, Media Delivery platforms, and participated in the .com frenzy of the ’90’s.

Gregg also maintains the popular Structured Data Distiller http://linter.structured-data.org and RDF Distiller http://rdf.greggkellogg.net/distiller based on the Ruby RDF platform https://ruby-rdf.github.io.

Gregg lives in beautiful Marin County, California with his artistic wife and two dogs where he spends whatever time remains from working on RDF projects teaching Scuba diving and photographing interesting marine life.

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Session-Type: Standard - W3C - Data Format
Session-Level: Intermediate