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Synergies of computational linguistics and RDF

Date: June 16, 2022

Time: Time: 16h UTC London, 17h CET (Berlin, Madrid, Zürich), 11am New York EDT and 8am San Francisco PDT

Registration Count / Attendees: 110/57


Veronika Heimsbakk - Managing AI Engineer, Capgemini

Miriam Næss Jørstad - Senior Data Scientist, Capgemini


At the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA), a pipeline for extracting context, concepts and relationships in regulatory documents, is running in production. This session will outline the application implementation. Together with technologies used as Natural Language Processing, RDF serialization, and the use of SHACL to describe regulatory requirements. Including several use cases for NMA's knowledge graph.

Shared Event Notes

Session-Type: Technology - Project
Session-Level: Introduction - Intermediate