Bintro, zAgile & Zemanta @ Marsh & McLennan

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Date: Apr 23, 2009 · 6:30 PM

Chapter: New York City

Location: Marsh & McLennan

ID: 8536679

URL: - An Opportunity Matchmaking Service

Bintro is an opportunity matchmaking service for individuals, businesses, employers, job seekers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Bintro anonymously matches you to those that need what you provide or provide what you need, whether it be jobs, services, goods or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This presentation will discuss the technology, architecture, methods and models – as well as Bintro as a viable consumer facing Semantic Web-based business.

Richard Stanton is the CEO of He brings significant experience in new media and internet related business to Bintro. He was the number five employee and member of the senior executive team of Prior to, Mr. Stanton was an independent consultant specializing in marketing and operational strategies for new media and ecommerce initiatives. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of “Defining the Essence of Ourselves” and blends such inspirational topics with his love of technology and how it can benefit the greater good. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from American University

Marcus Trevisani is CTO for, a NYC based start-up that uses continuous semantic and NLP matching technologies to match individuals, businesses, employers, job seekers and entrepreneurs. Bintro anonymously matches people in need, and people that provide in areas such as jobs, services, goods. Bintro acts as a personal agent to its users that constantly scouts for new opportunities. has developed a rule-based semantic matching system that can be used to locate, analyze and match semantically defined resources wherever they are made accessible. Marcus Trevisani has been developing search and recommendation technologies since 1996. He has held CTO and VP Engineering positions at venture-backed companies such at, Weider Internet Networks and In addition he has held similar positions for web service organizations such as Rare Medium, Evit Interactive and United Future. As a logical extension from his previous work, he started applying Semantic Technologies to his theory, modeling and architecture in 2004. Mr. Trevisani studied undergraduate and post graduate computer science, AI and physics at The University of Lancashire and The University of Edinburgh.

Session Type: Business-Applied
Session Level: Beginner-Intermediate

zAgile - A Semantic Enterprise Wiki for software development and project management and more

The Semantic Web promises to revolutionize the accessibility of information on the World Wide Web. But until the Semantic Web is fully implemented and adopted, how can the promises of the Semantic Web be applied to your organization today? In this session, we will discuss tangible benefits of the Semantic Web and practical ways it can help you to become more efficient, automate processes, and empower your organization. As an example will will discuss and demonstrate zCALM, zCALM is an open source (AGPL) infrastructure. You will see how zCALM may be used to semantically enable your enterprise wiki (Atlassian Confluence), achieve deep interoperability and exchange of context-sensitive information between applications, and even act as a powerful search across your applications and tools. Sanjiva Nath has more than 25 years of experience in software technology and advises Silicon Valley start-ups in offshore software development strategies, process and methodologies, and overall software engineering operations. His focus has been on developing and deploying high-volume and high-transaction enterprise applications and systems on a variety of technologies and platforms. Prior to founding zAgile, he served as VP of Engineering at several companies including Trigo Technologies (acquired by IBM), ePit Systems (technology acquired by Hitachi), Abilizer Solutions (technology acquired by BEA), and planet U (acquired by Transora). Sanjiva holds a B.S. degree in Molecular Biology from San Francisco State University.

Session Type: Technical-Applied
Session Level: Intermediate

Zemanta - Hiding the Complexity from the Users

Bostjan will take a look at how end-user focused application with a powerful semantic backend uses it's smarts to efficiently make user experience smooth and simple. Bostjan Spetic, co-founder of Zemanta, recently moved from Slovenia to NY to spread the word about it. Philosopher by training, geek by profession. Previously worked as journalist on national TV, tech-artist and volunteer in major computer club Kiberpipa, engaging in various open source and open hardware projects.