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Date: November 17, 2009



  Porter Novelli
  75 Varick Street
  6th Floor
  New York, NY 10013

Augmented Reality is the next frontier technology and the Semantic Web is an ideal candidate to become the fabric for Augmented Reality applications. The global availability of the web and the flexibility of RDF, make it a perfect match for distributed, heterogeneous and networked applications that can help to enable emergent Augmented Reality services.

In this informal session we will introduce some of the key concepts and discuss how the Augmented Reality conversation can immediately benefit from Semantic Web technologies and concepts. The key Semantic Web technologies are now in place and can finally start to deliver real benefits. After all the goal is to realize and bring the web to it's full potential.

As this will also be our Web 2.0 Expo pre-panel session get-together this year you might have the opportunity to meet the following people at the event

  • Robert Rice: CEO of Neogence, Chairman of the Augmented Reality Consortium
  • Ori Inbar: Co-founder and CEO of Ogmento
  • Jack Mason: Global Business Services, Strategic Programs and Social Media at IBM
  • Lynne d Johnson: SVP Social Media at the Advertising Research Foundation and host of the NYC Android Developer's Meetup
  • Erik Manley: Manager, Digital Media at GE
  • Michael Eisenreich: Technology Leader for GE's company-wide Internet presence
  • Marco Neumann: CEO and Founder of KONA, Lead Organizer for New York and San Francisco Semantic Web Meetup
  • Matt Szymczyk: CEO of Zugara
  • John C. Havens: VP, Social Media at Porter Novelli.