Tom Tague and Open Calais 4.0 at KONA

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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM EST

Location: KONA - 60 W 23RD Street Conference Room 4Fl · New York, NY

ID: 9457886


Attendees: 27


Location: The entrance is on the south side of 23rd street, register with the security desk and proceed to the 4th floor, take the elevator on your right hand and a left turn on the 4th floor. The conference room we will on your right hand side....646.206.9827

Thomas ("Tom") Tague, Calais initiative lead, will provide you with an overview of the free Calais Web service, the developer community at http://www.OpenCalais... (http://www.OpenCalais..). and ways to add value with the open Calais API. In particular, he will offer insight into Calais 4.0, Thomson Reuters latest innovation in automated semantic metadata generation.

Debuting in January, 2009, Calais 4.0 will go beyond the ability to extract semantic metadata from your content. It will link the extracted semantic metadata to datasets from dozens of other information sources -- from Wikipedia, to Freebase, to the CIA World Fact Book and more. In short - instead of being limited to the contents of the document you're processing, Calais 4.0 will enable you to develop solutions that leverage a large and rapidly growing information asset: the Linked Data Cloud.

Bonus Session:

User testimonial demo with Vasko Yordanov

A brief demo of a sample mashup that Vasko works on. It uses Open Calais against current financial news feeds , applies Calais and supplements the data with DBPedia and Evri , thus creating RDF FOAF ( and DBpedia ontology) sources out of people and companies on the current financial news.

Thank You to Krista Thomas from Thomson Reuters for helping to co-organize this event!

Session Type: Technical-Applied
Session Level: Intermediate