Introduction to Semantic Web Standards with Dean Allemang

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An introduction to Semantic Web standards: RDF,RDFS, OWL and SPARQL & Rules with Dean Allemang

The session is geared towards members that are new to the Semantic Web and that would like to learn the basics from one of the leading educators in the industry. In this introductory session we will give you an overview over RDF,the foundation of the Semantic Web, RDFS a schema language and the Web Ontology Language OWL. And finally will introduce SPARQL a Query Language for RDF to make use of our Semantic Web data in a query framework for our application development. If time permits we will take a quick look at rules languages such as SPARUL and SPIN

Dean Allemang

Dean's Blog: "S is for Semantic"

Dean specializes in innovative applications of knowledge technology and brings to TopQuadrant over 15 years of experience in research, deployment, and development of knowledge-based systems. He developed the curriculum for Top Quadrant's successful training series for Semantic Web technologies, which he has been presenting to customers world-wide for four years. Dean has completed a master's degree at the University of Cambridge as a Marshall scholar, a PhD at the Ohio State University as a National Science Foundation Graduate Scholar, and is a two-time winner of the Swiss Prize for Innovation in Technology. Prior to joining TopQuadrant, Dr. Allemang was the Vice-President of Customer Applications at Synquiry Technologies, were he filed two patents on the application of graph matching algorithms to the problems of semantic information interchange.

Take a look at the Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist website for further information about the book.

San Francisco/Bay Area Venue sponsored by LearniT! "Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning Solutions & Information Worker Solutions" LearniT! Anywhere "Instructor led training from Home, Office, Anywhere!" (Thank you Damon and Matt for hosting our presentation to the Bay Area - Damon Lembi, CEO & Matt Murawski, Dir. of Marketing).


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