Information Indexing & Search: Lucene 3.0 and Semantic Web Programming

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October 15, 2009


Sun Microsystems
101 Park Ave
New York, NY


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Otis Gospodnetić

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Zachary Whitley

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Session-Level: Intermediate-Advanced
Session-Type: Technology-Development

Information Indexing and Search: Lucene 3.0

This presentation is aimed at people new to Lucene in general and existing Lucene users interested in Lucene 3.0. The presentation will give an overview of what Lucene is, where and how it can be used. We'll cover the basic Lucene concepts (index, Directory, Document, Field, Term), text analysis (tokenizing, token filtering, stop words, stemming), indexing (how to create an index, how to index documents), and searching (query syntax, how to run keyword, phrase, boolean and other queries). We'll peek at Lucene indices with Luke, a powerful desktop app for working with Lucene indices.

Otis Gospodnetic is a long-time contributor to the open source community and is a member of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) since 2000. He is a member of Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Apache Nutch, and Apache Mahout projects, as well as a PMC (Project Management Committee) member of the Apache Lucene TLP (Top Level Project). The ASF is one of the world's most influential open source software organizations, with over 1,200 contributors, 35 top level projects, and nearly 70% global market share in web server software. Otis is the co-founder of Sematext, co-author of Lucene in Action, and a long-time Lucene and Solr developer with over 10 years of experience in search and related technologies. Sematext implements open-source search, linguistic, and text analytics technology in the enterprise. They focus on the development of scalable and high-performance search solutions.

Semantic Web Programming

Applications bring the Semantic Web alive - revealing its value. Using open source tools and useful examples, we demonstrate practical methods to exercise the Semantic Web based upon on our Wiley book, "Semantic Web Programming". We open with a "Hello Semantic Web World" application that outlines the key components to a Semantic Web application, quickly moving on to our "FriendTacker" Semantic Web application that demonstrates integration through the semantic unification of Jabber Instant Message buddies, WordPress Blogs, Facebook Social networks, and more touching on longitudinal and geospatial considerations. We finish with the four key Semantic Web application challenges ahead as the Semantic Web progress pushes into new data frontiers to encourage us all to contribute to realize the Semantic Web's potential.

John Hebeler is an avid explorer of new technologies for the development of large-scale, distributed systems. In the last five years, he has focused on the Semantic Web and emergent, distributed systems. He has published published papers, has co-written a P2P networking book, and presents at major technical conferences around the world. He is currently pursing his PhD in Information Systems at the University of Maryland. He is a division scientist for BBN technologies.



Semantic Programming with John Hebeler:


Lucene 3.0 with Otis Gospodnetic:



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